200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

You have landed here because you showed an interest in becoming a yoga instructor.  That's Great!

I imagine you are curious about my program.  Things like what to expect, and how to sign up. Am I right?  So this page will attempt answer your questions.

What is Yoga teacher Certification?
  • Yoga teacher certification means that you have completed formal Yoga Teacher Training. Your certificate is issued by the Instructor that conducts the training.
  • There is NO state licensure for Yoga instructors in the state of Florida. You do not have to have a teacher certificate to teach yoga in Florida. However, if you want to be a good yoga instructor, you will go through a recognized training program.
What is the National Yoga Alliance?
  • This is a big question. The National Yoga Alliance is a professional organization that is restricted to Yoga instructors that have completed a training program that is approved by the National Yoga Alliance.
  • They operate much like a trade union. There are annual dues, and CEU's required to maintain your membership.
  • There are benefits to being a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. Click here
Do I need to belong to the Yoga Alliance to teach yoga?
  • No
  • Anyone requesting Yoga Certification is asking for a certificate of completion of a Yoga Teacher Training. You do not need a Yoga Alliance membership to get work, unless it is specifically mentioned as a hiring requirement.
If I complete this program, will I be eligible to join the National Yoga Alliance?
  • Yes- the Yoga Alliance will send you an email invitation to join upon graduation.
What is the Florida Yoga Teachers Association?
If I complete this program, will I be eligible to join the Florida Yoga Teachers Association?
  • Upon completion of this program, I would be happy to sponsor your application to join the Florida Yoga Teacher's Association.
What does this training offer that is unique?
  • This training exceeds the current requirements of the National Yoga Alliance.
  • As a graduate of this training you will be a part of a community of Yoga Instructors that support and encourage each other.
  • You will always be a welcome participant in on-going Yoga Teacher Enrichment classes offered by Jennifer McCracken and/or affiliated instructors for CEU's at no extra charge.
  • I, Jennifer McCracken, will be available to you when you need support or encouragement.
  • Upon graduation, you may immediately begin building your own class at the facility you received your in-person training.
  • You will have a good foundation in Yoga Anatomy, Energy, and body psychology.
  • You will be able to safely and effectively lead a yoga experience using renowned Kripalu Yoga Methodology.
  • You will have a better understanding of the entirety of Yoga, beyond posture knowledge.
  • Upon graduation, you will be a Yoga Instructor AND a Reiki practitioner.  Bonus!
What is required to complete this training?
  • Homework completion by the due dates.
  • In-Studio Training Session
Can I sign up for the online portion now and complete the in-person part later?
  • Yes, In fact, that's the way I want you to do it.  It's best to have the homework done before you begin in-person training.  However, if you can't get it done before the training, pay attention to the due dates.  They coincide with your training, and cannot be missed.
  • You have 2 years from the day you complete the homework course to complete all of the requirements
How much does it cost to become a yoga instructor?
  • $100 for the homework course - Sign up Here
  • $2300 for the in-person training - Sign up at the Studio hosting the training
  • $115 - If you choose to join the National Yoga Alliance. - You will get an invitation from them upon graduation.
  • $35 - If you choose to join the Florida Yoga Teacher's Association.
  • Cost of books
When is the next in-person training?
Do I have to register for the in-person training, or can I just do the homework?
  • If you wish to get your Yoga Teacher Certificate, you must do both parts of the training. However, if you are looking to get a deeper understanding of yoga, or want to compliment a different training with my materials, you are welcome to sign up for the homework. 
  • I will grant 30 hours of Yoga Alliance CEU's for completion of just the homework portion to any Yoga Instructor.
I have another question, how can I get it answered?
  • Post your question in the comments section of this page, and I will answer it ASAP. This way, if someone else has the same question, they will see the answer.


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